If you are looking for a fun part time way to make money, we have got a job for you!

Howe Caverns is now looking for a number of people to fill positions at this years haunt: The Underworld! This event will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday eve, beginning the last weekend of September and includes every weekend in October (not Halloween, Oct 31).

Part time positions include:

    • Actors, in costumes/makeup

    • Make up artists

    • Set Designers

    • Costume Designers

    • Parking lot attendants

    • Non/minimal speaking character positions

No acting experience is necessary, although it is preferred! High energy and enthusiasm is a must.
This is not any ordinary haunt. We are striving for top notch actors to help bring our scenes and skits to life.

For more information please call Bill or April


or email today!

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