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Howe Caverns Hours
Cave Tours
Friday – Sunday 10am-3pm

Howe High Adventure
Closed for the season

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Howe Caverns Hours
Cave Tours
Friday – Sunday 10am-3pm

Howe High Adventure
Closed for the season

Howe High Adventure Closed for the Season

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High in the Air…
Zip, Climb, Jump, Rock and Roll!

Howe High Adventure is packed with fun, exciting, outdoor experiences for the entire family. Before or after your cavern tour, challenge everyone to new adventures above ground on the Howe Caverns estate.

Howe High Adventure’s attractions are only open seasonally (late spring through fall), weather permitting. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead for availability. 518-296-8900.

Absolutely. You can ride one or all of the rides. There are a variety of ways to experience Howe High Adventure, including the option of a season pass. Check out our pricing information.

Closed toe shoes are required on the zip line, ropes course and rock wall.
Participants must fit properly in the provided harnesses.
Some height and weight restrictions apply:

Zip Line:

Ropes Course:
48″ or taller to participate solo;
42″ to 47″ if accompanied by an adult.

Rock Wall and Jumper:

H2OGO Ball:
May include up to 3 people; combined weight cannot exceed 550 lbs.
T-shirt and shorts (or bathing suit) required.
Minimum Age is 6 years old

You must be in good health and physical condition to climb up the tower for the zip line, to maneuver the ropes course and experience the other attractions that make up Howe High Adventure.  From Howe High Adventure, there is a breathtaking view of the Schoharie Valley.

The adventure grounds and picnic areas are wheelchair accessible.

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